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Data Control is a ISO 9001 certified company
Data Control is a ISO 9001 certified company
Data Control is a ISO 9001 certified company
Data Control offers its customers not only innovative products, but also comprehensive services (certifications, quality control, preventive maintenance). The company designs, trade and manufactures  components in the weighing system measuring chain including: weighbridges, platform scales, electronic loadcells and weighing terminals.


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Phone: +40 (0) 21 260 06 34
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Email: office@data-control.ro
Phone:   +40 (0) 21 260 06 34
Fax:       +40 (0) 21 260 07 58
Email:    office@data-control.ro

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Service and Calibration
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        At Data Control we appreciate and understand the importance of a well established maintenance program. Your particular equipment and installation have their own specific requirements and will only perform as well as the maintenance program you have in place.

        That’s why we offer a range of packages as part of our maintenance programme to suit your exact needs – both operationally and financially. Our maintenance programs are designed to give you the time to focus on the efficient running of your business – without having to worry about breakdowns. Whether you need support for a single laboratory balance or a nationwide network of weighbridges, we can tailor exactly the right solution for you.

        Prevention is better than cure. This is one of our core philosophies and our engineers are fully trained to identify potential problems before they occur, so that appropriate remedial action can be taken. We know ‘downtime’ is expensive and inconvenient. Our single aim is to ensure that you and your equipment have the maximum ‘uptime’.

        We can take responsibility for the maintenance and calibration of all your weighing equipment irrespective of make or type. This includes:

                            • Laboratory scales and balances
                            • Floor scales
                            • Bench scales
                            • Counting scales
                            • Medical scales
                            • Mechanical scales
                            • Check weighers
                            • Weigh price labellers
                            • Over head track scales
                            • Crane scales
                            • Forklift truck scales
                            • Hopper scales
                            • Tanks and silo weighing systems
                            • Axle weighers
                            • Weighbridges
                            • Rail scale

        We can also evaluate the effectiveness of your existing equipment and advise on how best you can meet future weighing requirements.

        Service visits are arranged to suit your working pattern. We can fit in with scheduled shutdowns or plan visits during evenings and weekends. If your equipment is used more extensively at certain times of the year due to seasonal influences we will assess this and provide a plan that is right for your business.

        Our highly competent engineers undergo a continual training awareness program relating to a wide range of manufacturers’ equipment. They are trained in the requirements for specific industry sectors. This means that when our engineers come to site they are ready to address the work at hand without delays.

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