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Data Control is a ISO 9001 certified company
Data Control is a ISO 9001 certified company
Data Control is a ISO 9001 certified company
Data Control offers its customers not only innovative products, but also comprehensive services (certifications, quality control, preventive maintenance). The company designs, trade and manufactures  components in the weighing system measuring chain including: weighbridges, platform scales, electronic loadcells and weighing terminals.


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Phone: +40 (0) 21 260 06 34
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Phone:   +40 (0) 21 260 06 34
Fax:       +40 (0) 21 260 07 58
Email:    office@data-control.ro

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We are providing solutions, not excuses!
Data Control
Data Control is Bilanciai representative in Romania
        Data Control's  weighing instrumentation ranges from simple weight indicators up to touch screen, voice-activated terminals for weighbridges, process weighing and general industrial use. Our terminals offer unrivalled flexibility and application-specific programmability. Full weights and measures approval up to 10,000 divisions ensures optimum weighing precision. To complement these instruments, we offer a range of versatile digital displays and tally roll and ticket printers.
        The indicator is the instrument used to display and manage the weight value, it’s part of the metrological chain together with all kind of scales, and can be customized with self-service applications and a large range of software programs.
Diade Series Weighing Terminal DD 1050
        The Diade DD1050 provides the flexibility and power of an industrial touch screen PC, combined with the precision of a weights and measures approved weighing terminal. Intuitive software tools bring enhanced, advanced programming capabilities -add to this its real time PLC processing capabilities and this really is ‘the world’s most advanced weighing terminal’. Contact us to find out just what the 1050 can do for your weighing application.
        The Diade is also available as a driver/user operated terminal (DD2050) bringing phenomenal power to a wide range of applications.
        The result is unsurpassed connectivity and tailor-made control capabilities. Whatever your requirements, the DD1050 brings exceptional control to your process application - one that can be configured precisely by you for you.
        The large resilient 26 cm touch screen is built to survive heavy handed use and the easy-to-use intuitive graphics make on-screen navigation very straightforward.
        Applications cover all aspects of weighing - from floor scales to process weighing, across a diverse range of industries including: food and beverage, utilities, waste and recycling, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining and quarrying.
Diade Series Weighing Terminal DD 2050 - Self Service Weighing Terminal
        The DIADE Series terminals combine computer programming power and flexibility together with the measuring requirements of a weighing instrument; in particular with the DD2050 model the user can carry out the weighing operations independently, without the presence of an operator. The user can be identified by many device types (optic, magnetic, proximity).
        With ECODIADE software is your best ally in the collection centers!

Self- service Terminal Model SELF 800
        SELF 800 repeater on another indicator if required, thus allowing weighing to be performed in both directions of travel.
        The driver, in possession of a badge (or a transponder "key" if the SELF 800 units are equipped with a key reader in place of the badge reader) performs the first weighing cycle using the inbound SELF 800 unit. At the end of the loading or unloading operation the driver executes a second weighing cycle with the outbound SELF 800 indicator, which issues an approved weight receipt showing the code of the BADGE (or key), the time and date, the sequential weighing operation number, and the relative weight data: 1st.
        The indicator is equipped with all the necessary features to guarantee the maximum reliability even in the harshest conditions: when exposed to very hot weather, at sub-zero temperatures, and adverse climatic conditions, the instrument continues to operate correctly thanks to a tried and tested thermoregulation system. The indicator is designed to prevent the formation of internal condensation and critical temperatures in terms of operating efficiency.
        Optional support posts make it possible to install the unit for use from the ground (standing operator) or directly from the vehicle window.
        STB 80
        High-performance thermal printer for printing labels on tape or alphanumeric data, bar-code or images. Exceptional versatility ideal for Coop. Bilanciai weight indicators

        STC 182
        Alphanumeric impact printer to print multiple tags (4 copies) of the weighing data managed by the weight indicator.Full set of control codes and countless printing possibilities ranging from text rotation to enlarged, lengthened, quadrupled characters, and more.

        STT 58
        Continuous-form thermal printer
        •    Portable printer for professional applications
        •    Highly compact and lightweight
        •    Automatic paper feed
        •    Complete with out-of-paper and black mark sensor, the printer supports an upgradeable customer logo and allows printing the most popular barcodes: EAN 13, EAN 8, CODE 39, ITF,  CODEBAR.
Weight repeaters
        Intensive Display, connected via serial channel to the terminal electronic weighing. Simple and versatile, visible up to a distance of 30 meters is equipped with high brightness display. Is contained in stainless steel casing IP65 and is equipped with additional guidance to OIML standards. Equipped with protective shield and mounting bracket in stainless steel, allows a wide range of application solutions. Approved according to EN45501.
Terminal D800
        Dialogica is the new range of terminals based on constant advanced research and the know-how acquired by Coop. Bilanciai in the weighing industry.
        Innovative terminals, designed to effectively meet the needs of a continually changing market. the D 800 electronic terminal has been designed to enable operator dialogue using an extended alphanumeric keypad (QWERTY) and a very bright TFF graphics display wich makes it possible to customize the form and dimensions of the characters.
        Specifically designed for use with weighbridges in combination with the new STB 80 printer it is also available in a DUPLEX version with both analogue and CPD digital load cells.
        Built in ABS with an innovative design, it is available in table-top or Rack mounted versions. It is also available in a batching version and has EC approval in conformance with Directive 90/384 EEC, it can be equipped with Single Scale or Multirange operation.
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Terminal D400
        The new Dialogica series of terminals reflects the outcome of advanced and constant research, and of the considerable know-how acquired by Coop Bilanciai in the weighing sector.
        Innovative terminals, designed to satisfy the new requirements of a market in constant evolution. The D 400 electronic terminal ensures maximum ease of dialogue with the operator, thanks to a backlit graphic display which is extremely simple to use and offers the facility of changing the shape and size of characters to suit different operating conditions.
        Rack-mounting and tabletop versions are available, both presenting similarly compact dimensions.
        This is a weighing terminal with a notably versatile range of use: from simple weight display to automation systems for industrial process.
        The product bears the EC mark in accordance with EEC directive 90/384, and is connectable to any type of load cell. Monoscale and multirange versions are available.
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Stainless Steel Terminal EV 7-S
        EV 7 is an electronic terminal for general, small and medium weighing applications. It is equipped with an LED display, a serial output and soft pushbutton keypad and has an excellent quality/price ratio. Equipped with CE marking in corformance with the requirements of directive 90/384 EEC, it can be connected to any type of analogue load cell in Single Scale or Multirange versions.
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DILINK wireless weighing solutions
        DILINK is an innovative solution for transforming an analogue-type weighing system into a modern digital system at an extremely accessible price since it can be used with existing analogue load cells.
        DILINK can also be used with equipment with digital cells and its special accessories offer higher performance such as radiofrequency transmission of data validated for sales transactions (wireless application) and photovoltaic panel power supply, thus eliminating the need for electrical connections between the terminal and the weighing machine.
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