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Data Control is a ISO 9001 certified company
Data Control is a ISO 9001 certified company
Data Control is a ISO 9001 certified company
Data Control offers its customers not only innovative products, but also comprehensive services (certifications, quality control, preventive maintenance). The company designs, trade and manufactures  components in the weighing system measuring chain including: weighbridges, platform scales, electronic loadcells and weighing terminals.


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Phone:   +40 (0) 21 260 06 34
Fax:       +40 (0) 21 260 07 58
Email:    office@data-control.ro

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        The electronic crane scales allows weigh/count operations be performed and accurately. Very simple to use offering sophisticated performance. The versatility of the electronic control unit allows the processing and storage of a variety of data and the connection of up to two platform scales, while still keeping 2 serial ports free for the connection of other peripheral devices (printer, PC, etc.).
        Our range of EHP crane scales, ancillary instrumentation and accessories has been designed for continuous operation in the toughest of industrial environments including foundries, smelting plants and designated hazardous area applications (ATEX). Developed and improved over several decades, these robust products provide optimum precision and reliability whatever your application. We offer a wide range of wireless crane scale instrumentation for single and duplex applications.
Crane Scales - EHP
EHP digital crane scales KGW
        Robust model, protected against shock loading and constructed primarily for heavy industrial use. Commissioning is extremely simple: Unpack it - hang on hook - start weighing.
        Natural wear and tear is virtually non-existent, as there are no mechanical moving parts.
        By means of an infrared hand transmitter, the scale can be tared off up to a distance of 30 M, without any wires or festooned cables. Extremely simple to use. The subtracted weight when selected is displayed as a negative tare with a "minus sign".
        If required, the system may be expanded by using an optional wireless data receiver.

        Weighing capacities:
  • 500 kg
  • 1.000 kg
  • 2.000 kg
  • 5.000 kg
  • 10.000 kg
  • 20.000 kg
  • 30.000 kg
  • 32.000 kg
  • 50.000 kg
  • 60.000 kg
  • 100.000 kg

  • Non-destructible steel housing for use in foundry applications and in hot environments
  • German TÜV tested, in accordance with DIN 15402 and 15405 part 1. / UVV (VBG 1 + 9a)
  • Minimal headroom loss
  • Shock loading protected
  • The load sensor is a high-quality OIML-approved load cell for long-term stability
  • Weighing electronics using the latest SMD technology and precision
  • Assured readability with 50 mm bright LED display
  • High accuracy of measured value, 0.03% of rated capacity
  • Battery operation with rechargeable battery
  • Optional: Wireless transfer of weighing data to peripheral receiver units

        Areas of application:
  • Foundries, charging, blending, weighing hot metal. Using lifting magnets, spheroidal casting, grey-cast iron and chemicals solids, feeds and bulk products, etc.
  • Reverse weighing for dosing applications of overload protected
  • Weighing of rolled steel, coils, sheet metal
  • Control of goods inward/outward
  • Test loading and safety tests of e.g. crane equipment ...
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EHP LDN series digital crane scale for industrial use
        Low-cost alternative with remote control of operations between temperature ranges between -10°C and +80°C.

        Weighing capacities:
  • 500 kg
  • 1.000 kg
  • 2.000 kg
  • 5.000 kg
  • 10.000 kg
  • 20.000 kg
  • 30.000 kg
  • 50.000 kg

  • High accuracy of 0,03 % F.S.
  • 3 year warranty on function and accuracy of load cell
  • Large 42mm high digit LED display
  • Quick display stabilisation
  • Automatic power off control
  • Includes Ram protection on 5 - 30 ton versions only.
  • 0,5 to 2 tons without ram-protection.
  • OIML approved scale:
  • EEC class III scale, OIML R76 approved for 2.500 divisions
  • EHP-calibration facilities, regularly approved by weights and measures services
  • Optional/Accessories:
  • Weighing data link to peripheral devices via (433 MHz) UHF radio transmission
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