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Data Control is a ISO 9001 certified company
Data Control is a ISO 9001 certified company
Data Control is a ISO 9001 certified company
Data Control offers its customers not only innovative products, but also comprehensive services (certifications, quality control, preventive maintenance). The company designs, trade and manufactures  components in the weighing system measuring chain including: weighbridges, platform scales, electronic loadcells and weighing terminals.


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Phone:   +40 (0) 21 260 06 34
Fax:       +40 (0) 21 260 07 58
Email:    office@data-control.ro

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        The electronic scale is the ideal choice for all your weighing needs. Our range of bench scales includes stainless steel washdown versions and lower cost painted steel versions. A wide range of weighing instrumentation and printers provide the perfect complement. Weights and measures approved versions include multi-range capabilities.
        The PMA-X is a robust stainless steel single point load cell platform for use in harsh industrial environments. Constructed from 304 SS, the unit features a weld-sealed stainless steel load cell and built in overload protection. The PMA-X is available in capacities from 3- 300 kg, with platform sizes up to 800 x600 mm.
        The B100 bench scale has capacities from 3 - 30 kg and provides excellent value for money. The high resolution scale has a robust ABS case and stainless steel weigh platform. The easy to read 24 mm backlit LED and 7 key keypad make it ideal for a wide range of weighing applications. The B100 provides weight read-out, percntage readout and can be used for simple piece part counting.
        The BX100 provides accurate and robust bench top weighing with weighing capacities of 6 and 15 kg (up to 3000 divisions). The unit features complete stainless steel weighing platform and housing, making it ideal for industrial environments. Main features Large easy to read 25 mm LCD display Low power consumption up to 12 months use from one set of batteries. Easy clean stainless steel weighing platform and housing 300 hours continual use from one set of batteries.
        The BS100 is the ideal choice for all your weighing needs. Inox stainless steel weighing platform. ABS structure. Weight capacity from 6 to 30 kg. Large LCD display.
        The B200 is the ideal choice for all your weighing needs. Painted Inox stainless steel weighing platform. Weight capacity from 30 to 300 kg. Large LCD display. Outstanding price-quality ratio.
        The P100 is the finest precision weighing solution available. Features stainless steel weighing platform with ABS container. Weighing capacities of 1.5 and 6 kg, with up to 150,000 divisions. The optimum price/quality ratio.
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