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        Goods vehicle overloading is an International problem which costs Governments and eventually the tax payer many millions every year. These costs are generated from two areas - Road Damage and Road Accidents.
        Overloaded goods vehicles damage our roads, bridges and underground services producing a massive reduction in predicted road life expectancy and dramatically increase maintenance costs. Road accidents caused by overloading put a tremendous strain on our emergency services and account for a high percentage of the loss of life statistics on our roads.
        In many developing countries the overloading statistics are alarming and millions of dollars of scarce financial resources that could have been spent on vital areas such as health and education are being wasted.
        Increased law enforcement and improved operator education are the only answers.
        An overloaded vehicle not only causes excessive damage to roads and bridges but can put your drivers and other road users at risk.

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Data Control is a ISO 9001 certified company
Data Control is a ISO 9001 certified company
Data Control is a ISO 9001 certified company
Data Control offers its customers not only innovative products, but also comprehensive services (certifications, quality control, preventive maintenance). The company designs, trade and manufactures  components in the weighing system measuring chain including: weighbridges, platform scales, electronic loadcells and weighing terminals.


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Axle Weighers - Supaweigh®
        The effect of wear on the road of one legal 38,000 kgs truck is the same as that of over 35,000 cars. An individual axle loaded to 18,000 kgs does nearly 40 times the road damage of an 8,000 kgs axle. As a result many countries are now adopting a stringent enforcement policy to detect and prosecute overloaded trucks.
        Fines, prohibitions and possible loss of licence are being used by many countries to deter offenders. Axle weighing systems are now to be found adjacent to many motorways, ports, toll plazas and border crossings. Vehicles of any length and weight can be weighed “In Motion” in less than thirty seconds to an accuracy of better than 1%.
        This makes Supaweigh® the cost effective and efficient alternative to the conventional weighbridge for law enforcement and many other applications. Supaweigh® provides fast, accurate weighing data for trucks of all sizes and weights from light vans to special movement vehicles and off highway trucks.
        Customised software ensures all vehicles entering or leaving a depot can be identified and checked for overloading and security. Maximising your loads legally every trip increases efficiency and profitability.
        Supaweigh® can be installed in multiple lane Toll Plazas for Law Enforcement, Toll Collection and for data collection by road concessions. The Supaweigh® system can calculate the actual number of Equivalent Standard Axles (ESA) passing through a road toll providing valuable information to determine actual road wear and life expectancy.
        Supaweigh® can be set to operate at speeds up to 15 kph for these applications.
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Portable Axle Weighers - Cheklode Freeweigh®
        Cheklode® Freeweigh (cable free) offer total flexibility in portable vehicle weighing, with static and in motion weighing.  This product offers wireless communication and customer specific reporting. Ideal for law enforcement or fleet management. EC Approved, mains or battery operated.
        Many countries are now implementing a stringent overload enforcement policy with fines that can run in to many thousands of dollars for a single overload offence. In many countries each axle and the gross vehicle weight are considered separate offences in law.
        Axles overloaded by 20% can do up to eight times the road damage of a correctly loaded axle. In some countries over 60% of trucks are overloaded.
        Vehicles of any length and width can be weighed in less than 30 seconds. The Supaweigh® & Cheklode® Freeweigh products provide an affordable solution for fleet operators determined to protect their fleet and drivers and stay within the law.

        Overloading your vehicles:

  •         Puts both the operator and driver at risk from prohibitions, fines and loss of licence.
  •         Makes the vehicles less stable and difficult to steer and brake, the consequences of which can be fatal.
  •         Puts massive stress on vehicle tyres, which may cause premature failure and this can prove both dangerous and costly.
  •         Is illegal and may affect insurance cover in the event of a serious accident.
  •         Dramatically increases vehicle running costs for maintenance and fuel.
  •         Creates unfair competition with operators who choose to run legally.
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